Plan for Audio Production Studio

recording studio equipmentPlan for Audio Production Studio

Our goal is to create a mini-recording studio in the Campbell Commons Makerspace. Many of our students are interested in music and entertainment, but they lack access to the equipment needed to learn these skills. We would like to provide students with the space and equipment needed to record vocal and instrumental performances, to compose and record beats and electronic music, and to combine their recordings into polished final products. Examples of these products might include:

  • High quality music “demo” recordings for distribution to professional agents and producers
  • “Mix-tape” collections of their compositions for distribution to family and friends
  • Recordings of audition solos for performing arts college admissions or scholarships
  • High quality spoken voice-over tracks for documentaries, animations, or instructional videos
  • Recordings of speech in a foreign language for evaluation or instruction

This would give students the opportunity to not only exercise their creativity, but also to gain technical skills that can be put to use in a number of professions. Plus, they will learn about physics and electronics along the way!

inside of vocal boothIn order to make these activities possible, we would like the facility to eventually include the following:

  • A small acoustic isolation booth, large enough for two vocalists or a performer and an instrument
  • High quality microphones for recording vocals and acoustic instruments
  • A digital audio workstation (DAW) with professional software and control surfaces
  • Software and input devices for beat-making and sequencing.
  • MIDI keyboard for composition and recording
  • Headphones and speakers for monitoring and mixing.

Here is what we have so far:

  • An area in our Makerspace (with an angled wall) to build the isolation booth
  • iMac computer with sufficient power and screen size to serve as a DAW
  • Dirt Cheep Music logoRolling desk with built-in rack mount
  • Free planning expertise, design consultation, initial training, and ongoing support from our school’s Partner in Education, Dirt Cheep Music.

Here are things we need to begin:

  • Construction of two walls (or moveable panels) for isolation booth
  • Floor plan of maker space showing possible layout of isolation boothAcoustic treatments for walls, floor, and ceiling of isolation booth
  • Good quality microphones and related accessories
  • Multi-track USB audio interface
  • Software for DAW
  • Headphones for monitoring/mixing

Here are things we need to be fully operational:

  • Control surface (fader board) for DAW
  • Input device and software for beat-making and sequencingsequencer device
  • MIDI keyboard for composition and performance
  • Speakers for monitoring/mixing

We welcome any donations of equipment, funding, or expertise that can help us make this dream a reality. Please contact Andy Spinks ( for more information!

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