Flipgrid Student Access

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Flipgrid Student Access

Open the Web Version of Flipgrid     Install the Flipgrid App on Your Device

Flipgrid is a free tool that allows students to easily create and submit video responses to teacher prompts using a school laptop, school iPad, or your own personal device:

  • School or personal laptops: Go to Flipgrid.com or directly to the Grid URL.
  • Personal smartphones or tablets:  Install the Flipgrid app for your device.
  • School iPads: If not already installed, open CCSD Applications, find Flipgrid, and choose Install.

Using Flipgrid

Viewing Teacher Feedback

Once you submit your response to the topic, your teacher might provide feedback through one of these forms:

  • Record a video reply (public)
  • Click the “mic drop” emoji to “like” the response (public)
  • Click the star icon to feature the response (public)
  • Click the flame icon to “spark” a new topic using the response (public)
  • Add a grade using the rubric (private)
  • Add a comment (private)

If you have logged into Flipgrid with your Campbellhigh.net account, you will receive notifications through your campbellhigh.net Gmail account when/if your teacher provides feedback. You can access this email account through your mobile devices or through the Gmail.com website.

Getting Help

For more information, ask Ms.Blaydes or Mr. Spinks, or visit the Flipgrid Help Center.

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