Discovery Education Video Streaming

Discovery Education LogoDiscovery Education Video Streaming 

(Formerly Known as GPB United Streaming)

Discovery Education Streaming Plus is the online educational video streaming service provided by Georgia Public Broadcasting. The Discovery Education online library is filled with rich, engaging digital resources across all K-12 curriculum areas. From core-curriculum subjects to health and guidance, there’s something for every student and every grade level. In the Discovery Education portal you will find full videos, video segments, images, lesson plan ideas, audio files, songs, sound effects, writing prompts, content collections, and much more. The DE digital library of resources helps teachers seamlessly integrate standards-based digital content into lessons.

Teacher Accounts

Each teacher must create an individual username to log in the video streaming site. To register for an account, the teacher must use a school-specific passcode, available from the Campbell Commons staff. (The passcode has been emailed to the staff,  so you can also search your email archive for “GPB”.)

Once you have the passcode, click here to create a teacher account.

Using Discovery Education Streaming Plus

Basic Navigation:

  • If Streaming Plus does not open automatically, click on the link under “Services”
  • Use the search and browse features to locate videos.
  • Most videos are divided into segments, so you can show only the parts of the video that apply to your lesson.
  • Use the Quicklist and My Content features to collect videos and segments for later use.
  • After logging in to Streaming Plus, click on Help for full instructions.

Streaming vs. Downloading:

  • Videos may be streamed from the site or downloaded.
  • To ensure fast, reliable access during instruction, teachers may wish to download videos or segments in advance.
  • Because of licensing restrictions, teachers should not store downloaded videos for long periods of time.


  • For help with logging in or navigating the site, contact the Campbell Commons staff.
  • If you encounter technical difficulty with video streaming, downloading, sound, etc., submit a CCSD tech support request.
  • For additional information, visit the GPB Education website.

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