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Discovery Education Streaming Plus is filled with rich, engaging digital resources across all K-12 curriculum areas. From core-curriculum subjects to health and guidance, there’s something for every student and every grade level. In the Discovery Education portal you will find full videos, video segments, images, lesson plan ideas, audio files, songs, sound effects, writing prompts, content collections, and much more.

Basic Navigation

  • Use the link above to open Discovery Education.
  • Enter a topic in the search box at the top of the page.
  • If necessary, use the grade level buttons and other filters to narrow results.
  • Click on any of the search results to play or save it.
  • Most of the results will be videos are divided into segments, so you can show only the parts of the video that apply to your lesson. After opening the page for a video segment, you will see a link to the full video if you need it.
  • Teachers can use the Quicklist and My Content features to collect videos and segments for later use.

Downloading Discovery Education Videos

  • Videos may also be downloaded if necessary. (For example, you may wish to download a set of video segments and save them to a flash drive for a substitute teacher to show in your absence.)
    • Click on the Download link on the video’s play/preview page.
    • Choose a file quality.
    • If using Chrome, the video will open in a new tab. Right click on the video and choose “Save Video As.”
  • To comply with licensing restrictions, teachers should not store downloaded videos for long periods of time or share them on other platforms.

More Information

After clicking on the link above to sign in, return to this page and use the following links to learn more.

  • Getting Started with Discovery Education Streaming is a short video providing an overview of the resources available to you. We recommend you start here to learn more about Streaming.
  • Educator Essentials offers curated content essential to launching your Discovery Education journey, including step-by-step guides, a self-paced learning module, and more.
  • Spotlight on Strategies are creative, research-based instructional strategies that incorporate digital media in meaningful, effective, and practical ways.

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