Flipgrid Teacher’s Guide

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Flipgrid Teacher’s Guide

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Flipgrid is a free tool that allows students to easily create and submit video responses to teacher prompts using a school laptop, school iPad, or their own personal device.


Flipgrid organizes content into “Grids” and “Topics.” A Topic is simply a question or prompt to which you want students to respond. You create a Grid for each learning community (typically each class), then assign topics to the grids as desired.

Creating a “Grid”

  1. Click “+ New Grid” to create a new grid, or edit the pre-made introductory grid already present.
  2. For Grid Community Type, choose “School Email Domain.”
  3. Name your grid, and if you wish, choose a personalized grid code and image. Click Next.
  4. For the School Email Domain, enter campbellhigh.net and click Launch my Grid.
  5. Click “All Set” to open the Grid and view/edit the list of topics.

Creating and Customizing Topics

  1. Flipgrid automatically creates a topic for “Introductions.” You can keep this topic, or you can use the buttons beside it to delete it or make it inactive.
  2. Click on “+ New Topic” to add a topic or use the pencil icon to update or customize an existing topic.
  3. For each topic, you can add a number of customizations, including:
    1. Text such as the title, description/questions, and tips
    2. Maximum length of students’ video responses
    3. Topic active status and dates
    4. Videos, images, or external links/files to supplement the topic
    5. Feedback criteria, including an optional custom rubric
  4. Teachers can also control the flow of responses by changing these two settings:
    1. If you wish to preview students’ responses before they “go live” and are visible to others, turn “Video Moderation” ON.
    2. If you do not wish for students to be able to respond to each others’ submissions, turn “Student-to-Student Replies” OFF.
  5. Topics can be duplicated to other Grids using the Actions menu.

Student Access to Flipgrid

In order for student to begin responding to topics in your grid, you will need to take care of three things:

  1. Determine what devices they will use to access Flipgrid
  2. Provide login instructions
  3. Share the Grid with the class

For your convenience, we also have a page of instructions for Student Access to Flipgrid.

1. Flipgrid Access by Device

Students can record and submit their video responses using a number of different devices:

  • School or personal laptops: Go to Flipgrid.com or directly to the Grid URL.
  • Personal smartphones or tablets:  Students will need to install the Flipgrid app for their device.
  • School iPads: If not already installed, open LANrev Apps, find Flipgrid, and choose Install.

2. Student Login Instructions

When prompted to log in, students must:

  1. Click “Log in with Google”
  2. Enter the username and password for their campbellhigh.net Google account

If this is your first time using campbellhigh.net accounts with your class, you may want to send a class roster to the Campbell Commons staff so we can verify that accounts are created for all your students.

3. Sharing a Grid with Students

  1. Open the Grid and choose “Share Grid” from the top menu.
  2. Make sure that “Share with Class” is selected.
  3. From this screen, Flipgrid offers several options for sharing the grid with students:
    1. The Flip Code is displayed in large bold print.
    2. A Grid URL is displayed that can be copied to email, blog, etc.
    3. A link to a QR code is provided
    4. Buttons are provided to share directly to Google Classroom and Remind.

Note that a similar set of sharing tools is available for each topic. If you add a new topic later, you can share the topic directly with your class in the same way.

Viewing Student Responses and Providing Feedback

Once students start submitting responses, you can open the Topic to view them. You can give several different types of feedback:

  • Record a video reply (public)
  • Click the “mic drop” emoji to “like” the response (public)
  • Click the star icon to feature the response (public)
  • Click the flame icon to “spark” a new topic using the response (public)
  • Add a grade using the rubric (private)
  • Add a comment (private)

When you provide feedback, the student will receive notification through their campbellhigh.net Gmail account. Students can access this through their mobile devices or through the Gmail.com website.

Getting Help

For more information, ask Ms.Blaydes or Mr. Spinks, or visit the Flipgrid Help Center.



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