Instructional Calendar

Instructional Calendar

To plan a research project or other learning experience with the Campbell Commons staff, contact or We will be delighted to work with you to take advantage of the Commons resources and maximize the effectiveness of your project, and we will schedule your class visit as far in advance as you wish. Click here to learn more about the kinds of instructional collaboration we can offer.

When the Commons resources are not being used for collaborative instruction, we are happy to allow teachers to to use the computers and other equipment for other activities. These reservations can be made up to 5 days in advance. (See the bottom of this page for instructions.) To inquire about same-day scheduling of class visits, please come to the Commons in person or call extension 045 to check availability.

This system can also be used to reserve the Conference Room. If you need to reserve the conference room or other meeting spaces more than 5 days in advance, contact

Can’t see the calendar? Try a newer browser, or click here to open in a new window.

Instructions for Self-Serve Scheduling

  1. The calendar is shown above. Use the buttons at the top to navigate to the date you wish to schedule (up to five days in advance).
  2. Click on that day in an open area of the calendar to begin adding your reservation.
  3. Enter your email address and the password (emailed to you).
  4. Complete the “Edit Event” form. Items in bold are required:
    • Title: Enter a name for the activity. You don’t need to include your name, just a brief description of what you are doing (e.g., “Astronomy webquest”)
    • Category/Location: Choose the area you wish to reserve.
      • Desktop Teaching Area (36 desktops, LCD projector)
      • Wireless Teaching Area (30 laptops, or iPads, active board)
      • Small Desktop Area (14 desktops near the circulation desk)
    • Date: Ensure that the date is correct.
    • Time/Students:
      • Choose the block from the drop down list. The times will fill in automatically, but you can edit them if you only wish to reserve part of the block.
      • Select the estimated number of students in the class. (If it is a meeting, just select “0”.)
      • If you wish to reserve multiple blocks on the same day, click “Create another set” and select the block and number of students. Repeat for each block.
    • Teacher: Choose your name from the list. (Non-teachers choose “Other” at the bottom of the list.)
    • Reason: Choose “Lab Only (No Collaboration),” “Meeting,” or other as appropriate.
    • Description: Enter any pertinent details about the activity here. Please give a enough information that the Commons staff will understand what your class is doing.
    • Technology: For instructional areas, enter the type of technology you wish to use (Desktops, Laptops, or iPads) and the maximum number needed.
    • Confirmation: Check to send yourself a confirmation.
    • Attached files: If you wish to attach a handout or other file related to your assignment, you can do so here.
    • Click “Save” to submit your reservation request.


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