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During the spring and summer of 2017, CCSD will be updating many of its computers (including teacher laptops) to Windows 10, and the Campbell Commons is here to help you prepare for this transition.

Preparing for the Update

The upgrade to Windows 10 will completely reimage (erase and rebuilt) the hard drive of your laptop, so there are several key preparations you need to make beforehand:

  1. First, complete this form, listing any special software that you need reinstalled on your laptop after the Windows 10 reimage. This is any custom or department-specific software not included on the standard teacher laptop configuration.
  2. Next (and most importantly), you must back up all your files from the C: drive of your laptop. We are recommending that you back up to OneDrive using these instructions. Although we covered the first few steps in brief at the training, it is crucial that you read ALL the instructions and follow them closely. Failure to back up your files completely before reimaging is the one irreversible pitfall in this whole process, so feel free to come by the Commons and get face-to-face help if you need it.
  3. After completing these two items, open the CCSD Windows 10 Teacher Laptop Reimage Checklist and complete any additional items in the “Before Reimage” section.
  4. Now, just wait for admin clearance: Campbell Administration has asked teachers to wait to upgrade until testing has concluded, grades are submitted, and report cards are printed. Special Education and CTAE departments are still verifying software compatibility, so teachers in these departments should wait for clearance from your department heads before upgrading.

Updating your Computer

After completing the steps above, you are now ready to update your laptop to Windows 10. There are three options for getting it done:


With this option, you perform the Windows 10 yourself, at your own convenience. Instructions are provided in the “During Reimage” section of the the CCSD Windows 10 Teacher Laptop Reimage Checklist. (You’ll need to leave it at school and connected to power and a wired network drop for several hours, ideally overnight.)

Guided Update

We will host a guided session in the Commons during post-planning to help you perform the update. (The session will only take a few minutes, but you will need to leave the laptop connected to power and ethernet for several hours–maybe even overnight–while the update takes place.)

Summer Update

You can bring your laptop back to school and give it to Steve Smith on June 12th or June 19th. He will perform the Windows 10 update and leave it for you to pick up on another day. (These are the only two dates he will be available for this.)

After the Update

After the reimage, you’ll need to take some time to get used to the new software and get everything set up the way you like:

  • Standard CCSD software will install automatically after the update, and it takes some time for this to happen. Some software only installs while you are logged out, and some only installs while you are logged in. Allow a few hours in each state (logged out and logged in) for everything to load.
  • If you listed any special software on the form above, submit a tech request to have any Steve Smith reinstall it.
    • Open and submit a request to have your software reinstalled. (If you completed the form, you don’t need to re-list the software).
    • Be sure to include your Dell service tag (printed on the bottom of the laptop) in the request. Including the service tag will enable Steve to begin pushing the software to your laptop right away, even if he is at another school.
  • Follow these instructions to set up Outlook to connect to your email account.
  • Reinstall your printers:
    • For school printers, use these instructions. (\\CAMFPS1\ is where our printers live.) Please only install printers as you need them. This prevents accidental printing to other rooms.
    • For home printers, use these instructions.
  • Restore your files from the backup:
    • If you followed our instructions for moving everything to OneDrive, just continue on with Step 5 of our OneDrive Instructions for Teachers. Once you have synced your files back to your laptop, we encourage you to keep them in the OneDrive for Business folder and save any new work there. That way your files are always backed up!
  • Get to know Windows 10 and get everything configured the way you want:


As always, please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

  • For questions about using OneDrive, Windows 10, or other software, contact the Campbell Commons staff.
  • To request software installation or other technical support, submit a request through Be sure to include the Dell Service Tag on the bottom of your laptop.
  • For administrative concerns, contact Ms. Andrews or your department head.


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