Online Book Checkout is Here!

Library books are back. Campbell Commons is pleased to announce the return of book check out. We love our Sora ebooks and audiobooks, but we’ve missed real, hold-them-in-your-hands-and-smell-the-paper library books. We bet you have too! Of course, we want to keep you safe, so we’ll make the whole process as contact-free as possible. Here’s how it will work:

Online Book Checkout

Step 1: Go to our online form and give us a good email address to contact you.

Step 2: Go to the Destiny library catalog and place a hold on the book to reserve it. (Placing a hold only takes a few seconds. It’s so easy, this video explains it all in less than 30 seconds.) You can reserve three books at a time to save trips.

Step 3: We’ll check the books out to you and contact you to arrange pickup at the email address you gave us in Step 1.

It’s really that easy!

Returning Library Books

You can return your library books at either of our book drops outside the library doors. We’ll either quarantine the books for 72 hours or zap them with our UV book sanitizer, or both. Returned books may still appear on your record for a few days after you turn them in, but this makes sure they are safe for the next reader.

More Information

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