Open NoodleTools

NoodleTools is a citation and research organizer available to all Campbell Students. It offers a number of helpful features, including:

  • Digital note-taking tools to capture research notes and quotations (and keep up with their sources)
  • Research organization tools to sort your research and create outlines for your research projects
  • A full-featured citation tool, featuring:
    • Easy citation import from numerous Cobb Digital Library databases
    • Easy citation creation for other databases, web pages, and book sources
    • Support for MLA, APA, and many other formats
    • Fully formatted bibliographies, exported to Google Docs, Microsoft Word, HTML, and other formats

Your friendly Campbell Commons library media specialists are happy to help you with NoodleTools, but here’s a little introduction to get you started:

For more information about using NoodleTools, read the Quick Guide for Students, check the Knowledge Base, or ask the Campbell Commons staff.

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