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Students and teachers can use Sora to access ebooks and audiobooks from Campbell High School and Cobb County Schools. Titles are available through a computer web browser or through mobile apps on iOS and Android. Many titles are also accessible on Kindle.

Logging in on Computer

Logging in on Mobile

Using Sora

All about Sora in Two Minutes

Using the Define Tool

Accessing Public Library Titles with Sora

You can even add the Cobb Public Library to Sora and borrow young adult* titles from their collection. Just open Sora and follow these steps:

  • Open the menu, choose “Add a Library”
  • Search for “Cobb County Public Library.”
  • When you want to borrow a title or place a hold, just sign in with your Cobb Public Library PASS credentials (Library card = student#, PIN = 4-digit birthdate).

*Note that the titles available from Cobb Public Library are not determined by Campbell High School or the Cobb County School District.

For more and help using Sora, check the Sora Help site or ask your library media specialist.

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