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Collaborative instruction is the primary mission of the Campbell Commons. We can help plan, teach, and even assess learning experiences that use the power of inquiry, critical thinking, and technology to help students meet the standards of your courses. We are happy to create new and different projects with each teacher each time, but we can also adapt projects used by other teachers to provide learning experiences that can be implemented with a minimum of planning time.Please contact Marty (Martha) Blaydes or Andy Spinks to schedule a class visit and fine tune the planning of your project.


Information Literacy Skills (Applicable to All Subject Areas)


  • Understanding and Coaching through Research Process
  • Finding Information Using Cobb Digital Library
  • Finding Information on the Internet
  • Finding Books Using Destiny
  • Critically Evaluating Information
    • Identifying bias and logical fallacies
    • Evaluating published research studies
    • Identifying fake news, hoaxes, & urban legends
    • Identifying and analyzing advertisements
  • Digital Notetaking
    • Using NoodleTools Notebook to organize research
    • Using Gale Note feature
    • Using OneNote, Evernote, Google Docs, etc.
  • Citing Sources
    • How & Why to Avoid Plagiarism
    • Easy citation with NoodleTools
    • Quoting and paraphrasing
    • In-text citations
    • Citing Sources manually
  • Digital Citizenship
    • Understanding and complying with copyright law
    • Protecting your privacy online
    • Cyberbullying


Instructional Technology Components (Applicable to All Subject Areas)


  • Google Classroom
  • G Suite (Google) Apps (Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, etc.)
  • Microsoft Office
    • Desktop Apps (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Publisher)
    • Online Apps (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, OneDrive, etc.)
    • OneNote personal and Class Notebooks
  • Digital Media Production
    • Video Editing and Production (Adobe Spark Video, Windows Video Editor)
    • Audio Editing and Production
    • Graphic and photo editing (Adobe Spark Post, Google Draw, Photoshop, etc.)
    • Visual Storytelling
  • Career Cruising
  • Flipgrid
  • Creating a blog or website
  • School-owned iPads
    • Intro to using school iPads
    • Capturing and Editing Photos
    • Creating videos with iMovie
    • Using Destiny on mobile devices
    • Using Cobb Digital Library on mobile devices
  • Student-owned Mobile Devices (BYOD)
    • Connecting to COSIGNORADIUS wifi
    • Using Destiny on mobile devices
    • Using Cobb Digital Library on mobile devices
    • Installing a Custom Mobile App from


Subject-Specific Examples


In addition to the cross-curricular lesson components listed above, the following are examples of learning experiences or lesson components for specific subject areas. We are happy to adapt these to other courses or levels as desired.

Career Tech

  • 3D printing marketing prototypes
  • 3D modeling engineering design
  • Identifying and analyzing advertisements
  • Using to plan a video shoot

English Language Arts

  • Literary criticism research
  • Using to visualize plot, setting, etc.
  • Using for fiction writing
  • Researching and presenting human rights issues around the world
  • Argue for or against the reality of the American Dream


  • Locating materials on my reading level
  • Using translate and read-aloud features to help understand database articles
  • Create a print booklet of student-written poetry


  • Finding reliable internet sources for health & medical information
  • Evaluating/comparing diet programs
  • Designing an training program for a specific sport or fitness goal

Fine Arts

  • Creating online digital portfolios
  • 3D modeling using Tinkercad
  • 3D printing
  • Audio recording and production

Foreign Language

  • Print books available for check out in Spanish & French
  • Research the culture of a country or region where the target language is predominantly spoken
  • Create and label a floor plan in the target language


  • Formulas (Excel or Google Sheets)
  • Charts (Excel or Google Sheets)
  • Careers in Mathematics


  • Conduct an authentic scientific study (literature review, experiment design, presentation of findings)
  • Interpret and create charts and graphs of scientific data
  • Intro to scientific research through Consumer Reports
  • Evaluate scientific research (peer-reviewed publications)
  • Create a travel brochure for a biome
  • Create a “(Not) Wanted” poster for an invasive species

Social Studies

  • Examine primary documents to compare perspective of common people vs leaders
  • Describe the daily life of a common person in a different culture or time period
  • Create a narrated photo slide show about an explorer, leader, or other historical figure
  • Create an online “museum” combining photos, maps, primary documents, and interpretive text
  • Argue for/against a law or public policy
  • Compare & contrast major world religions
  • Evaluate an economic theory or policy and its real-world outcomes
  • Interpret and create charts and graphs of historical or economic data
  • Trace the evolution of an Constitutional principle from its original inception to current interpretation
  • IDM/ Inquiries

Special Education

  • Locating materials on my reading level
  • Using read-aloud feature of databases and ebooks to improve comprehension
  • World Book Discover Life Skills Center


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