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Discovery Education Experience is one of the most comprehensive resources available to support online and face-to-face instruction. In addition to the deep catalog of educational videos that Discovery is known for, it features a host of interactive resources and a powerful collection of teaching tools, from grab-and-go lesson plans to completely customizable assignments and assessments.

Introduction to Discovery Education Experience

To get started, take a look at the videos below and the Discovery Education 10-Step Getting Started Guide.

1 Minute Intro to Discovery Education Experience
Overview of the Student Experience
Assigning Content to Students

Teaching Tools

Discovery Education Experience provides a rich set of tools for teachers that are perfect for asynchronous online instruction and flipped classrooms. Teachers can:

Teaching Strategies

After you have signed in to Discovery Education, return here to learn more:

Remember, the links embedded here only work after you have signed in to Discovery Education.

More Help

Detailed instructions and step-by-step guides for Discovery Education Experience are available on the Discovery Education Help Site.

Your library media specialists are also ready to help you anytime you need it!

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