Poster Requests

Instructional Poster Requests

The Campbell administration has provided a poster printer for teachers to print customized posters for instructional use in their classrooms. The Campbell Commons staff can create posters from teacher-supplied documents.


  • Posters must support instruction.
  • Full color text is OK, but no color backgrounds or full-page photos.
  • Teachers must supply their own formatted text and layouts in digital form.
  • Copyrighted works cannot be printed without written permission from the owner.
  • Maximum width is 36 inches. If you want it laminated, 24 inches is the maximum.


Click the button below to submit your poster request. You will need to upload a printable digital file with the request:

  • PDFs work best
  • Word and PowerPoint are also fine, but if your document uses any unusual fonts, please check the save options to make sure the fonts are embedded in the file.
  • For Microsoft Publisher, Google documents, or other files the form won’t accept, save the files in PDF format.
  • You can create great looking posters in Canva Education or Adobe Creative Cloud Express (formerly Adobe Spark). Just be sure to use a white background, and download the finished product as a print quality PDF.
  • If you are using images in your file, please use either scalable or high resolution graphics.
  • If your design includes Campbell logos, please use the official versions (ideally in scalable form, either SVG or Illustrator). Refer to the CHS Brand Guide for more info.

* Please allow 2-3 days for your poster to be printed. 

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