Poster Requests

Instructional Poster Requests

The Campbell administration has provided a poster printer for teachers to print customized posters for instructional use in their classrooms. The Campbell Commons paraprofessional, Susan Haddad, can create posters from teacher-supplied text or images.


  • Posters must support instruction.
  • Full color text is OK, but no color backgrounds or full-page photos.
  • Teachers must supply their own formatted text and layouts in digital form.


  • Email dl-cam-media center to request a poster.
    • Attach a digital file with what you want on the poster.
      • Text should be proofread, formatted, and laid out how you want it to appear.
      • Word, PowerPoint, Publisher, and Google files are preferred. PDF and JPG are also acceptable, but may take longer and look worse.
    • Please specify the size of the poster in inches.
      • Common sizes are 23×36, 20×28, 16×23.
      • Make sure the file you submit has the same proportions as the poster you request.
      • Maximum width is 36 inches. If you want it laminated, 23.5 inches is the maximum.
    • Include any specific instructions about who will be picking up the poster and when.*

* Please allow 2-3 days for your poster to be printed. 






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