An Evolving List of Tips for Teaching Online

Here are some things we have learned in “real time” as we adjust to teaching fully online. We’ll continue adding to this list as we learn.

General Tips

  • Connecting to the Cobb VPN slows down your connection. Don’t connect to the VPN unless you specifically need something like the academic portal that is only available through it.
  • If you need to scan a document at home, use the OneDrive app on your smartphone. You can scan documents directly into your OneDrive.

Google Classroom

  • If you create a bunch of assignments at once, use the Schedule option to pace them out over time. That way students aren’t overwhelmed.
  • Videos uploaded to Google Classroom take a while to process before they can be viewed. Instead of scheduling assignments with attached videos immediately, schedule them for at least an hour in the future. That way the video is fully processed and available before the students see the assignment.
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